So have I got your attention? Don’t stop reading now because this could be one of the most important articles you will ever read as a Realtor or Broker Owner, if you havn’t read about this trend before! So what is it you should be afraid of? What can be so important that you need to take action today? Well… it’s your reputation, your character, your livelihood!

Some of you may have heard a little about the “latest trend” in our business and that is “agent ratings”. Now for some of you this won’t bother you because you know that you do good business and no one would say anything bad about you…well, don’t be so sure. The ability to slander someone anonymously on one of these “rating sites” is quite easy and with no repercussions to the author. Now don’t worry (well, not too much), there is an application out there to help you with online comments, posts, slander or anything that refers to you in anyway. It’s called Google Alerts. The wonderful online world of transparency now has an ally. Google to the rescue…again!

If you have not heard about Google Alerts go check it out. Go to Once there you will see how easy it is to create an alert for names, phrases or products. It only makes good business sense to keep on top of what people out there are saying about you, your service, or your product. It also gives you the ability to rebut or have a post or rating removed that has no merit or justification. Google Alerts is also effective in keeping you updated on the competition and what is being said about them, their services and products!

Don’t stop there. There is another vast online community out there and it’s called “Social Media”! You also need to keep your eyes open and ears to the ground on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. To monitor what people are saying about you go to and create one or numerous alerts. If you want a list of the types of social sites they will scan just click on the “select social media sources” under the main search box on the front page of their website.

So now that you have that covered you will begin to be notified of posts or comments that hit the Internet unbeknown to us, good or bad. It’s all about staying ahead of the game! We all need to reflect on how we treat our clients and perform our duties. It’s much easier to eliminate an issue than mitigate a problem causing you to remove online content that could be detrimental to your personal success, reputation of your company, or industry as a whole.


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