Since using our amazing new Realty Sites Plus web software, I’ve begun very specifically studying where my audience and leads are being generated from.  I use Google Anayltics which helps me find out how people are finding our website.  I can track many different attributes of my audience including what they typed in to the google seach engine to find us, what country they are coming from, what language they speak, what service provider they use (ie. Rogers, Bell), and even the average amount of time people spend on our site, and what pages they visit.

Now, of course the reason behind my studying these patterns is to learn more about my audience and try to build and grow this group.  So for me, knowing if they came from Google or just typed in our web address directly helps me to market appropriately.  One thing I found quite interesting was that so many people are coming from places like Facebook.  We created a group on Facebook which helps Consumers learn about market trends and our listings.  What we didn’t realize is the number of people that then go from our Facebook group to our website.

I had no idea that places like Facebook would bring such large audiences.  I recently found this excerpt from

“On Facebook, millions of people declare themselves as fans of performers, products, even the president. The number-one fan page on Facebook is dedicated to the late Michael Jackson, with 10.3 million members. President Obama is next with 6.8 million. Starbucks is the biggest retail brand with 4.8 million fans. But becoming a fan of something is the equivalent of wearing a logo T-shirt. It doesn’t bring M.J. back to life, reform healthcare or sell more coffee. 1-800-Flowers intends to find out whether social networkers are also social shoppers. In July, the $714 million flower delivery company launched the first Facebook storefront. Collectively, Facebook’s 300 million active members spend eight billion minutes per day on the site, according to the company. An Experian survey found that dwell time for an adult visiting a social network is 19 minutes and 32 seconds. Meanwhile, 35 percent of adults who had been on a social network in the past month had also bought something online in that time period, the survey found—a ripe demographic.”

I found this amazing.  Although I do spend some time online checking what my friends pictures and chatting, I had no idea I was joined by such a large group that would ultimately help drive even more people to our website.

Happy Surfing!

June & Rock Belanger, Prudential LeClair & Associates Realty

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